Spring Feeling Coconut Candle

Our handmade “Spring Feeling” coconut candle made from soya & coconut blend wax. We use only natural products for our candles.

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Now this beautiful candle can be at your home! You can choose any type of decorations for your candle!

All our candles are handmade, which means that every candle has their own unique look.

Burn Time: 48+ Hours. Wooden wick is a perfect addition to a coconut candle that helps the candle burn longer and gives the “crackle of wood” atmosphere. After heating, soya candles can be used as an oil for a massage, since soya wax is good for the skin and, most importantly, it is absolutely harmless!

Candle care:

  • Put your candle on a flat surface and don’t leave it unattended when lit.
  • Do not place the candle under a warm air conditioner or heater.
  • Keep the candle out of reach of chirdren and pets.


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