About Us

Sometimes, just a smallest candle light is all you need to warm up your heart, gather some thoughts or lift your spirits.

Our Company

Handmade candles from soya and coconut blend wax. In our boutique you can find coconut candles, bubble candles, female and male body shape decorative candles. We use only 100% natural products for our candles. Why soya and coconut wax? Because it is natural, cleaner burning, lasts longer, easier to clean up and eco friendly/vegan. Working with soya and coconut wax is harder than with paraffin, we decided to only work with natural wax!

Thank you and welcome to Kult Candles!

Our Golden Hands

Hi! My name is Alena and I am happy to welcome you to our small boutique. All my candles are handmade, in small quantities and initially only for sale in Spain. But if you have any suggestions or special requests regarding the shape, colour or size or you want to place a bulk order – contact us and we will find a suitable solution.




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